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Premium Whitening Gel -Pen Type-

Product Detail Information

1. Special Benefits

1) Safe Usage

  • Just apply. You won't need separate cleaning after use.
  • This is not grinding or shaving the teeth surface with the abrasive.
    A coating layer is created after applying and this works instantly to the teeth to make white which does not give damage or stress to the teeth surface.

2) Convenient Usage

  • You don't need to hold for a lont time or exposed to the light. It is a portable pen type premium whitening gel with convenient user interface for easy use that you can apply directly to the teeth.
  • You can use it easily at home, work, and travelling.

3) Scientific Bio-Engineering Design

  • With an airtight container for no leakage of content due to no voliation of whitening content and power handling for easy control, it is designed scientifically for right dose of contents.
  • It is designed bio-engineering way to be applied to every nook and corner with smooth silicon tip and helps the whitening ingredient to be spread on every teeth.
  • With elegant exterior and beautiful pen type shape, it is easy to carry around in the bag, handbag, and pockets.

4) Same ingredient as the dental whitening operation

  • With twice a day 14 days of application, you will have bright and clean teeth as the whitening operation with the dentists.

2. Outstanding Teeth Whitening

  • Instantly after the application on the area that you want the whitening, it creates the protection shield to protect whitening ingredient and absorbs into the teeth to disintegrate colorings on the surface of teeth and inside effectively to make white.

  • It can be applied delicately to the border of irregular teeth arrangement and gums for even whitening effect. Different from general whitening toothpaste with the content of abrasives, the whitening substance only works on the coloring substance inside the teeth for outstanding teeth whitening.

3. Recommendations

Anyone from teenagers to seniors, men and women can have clear and bright white teeth.

  • People whose teeth turned yellow due to coffee, green tea, chocolate and cigarette.
  • Brides and bridegrooms to be
  • People waiting for job interviews after graduating university
  • People who just started social life
  • People who are in sales business with frequent contacts with people
  • People with broadcasting and screen exposure
  • People that wants to have charming smiles
  • People who wants to give cleaner impression to other people
  • People that have shy smiles due to yellow teeth
  • People that want new start with white teeth after quit smoking
  • People that want to smile confidently without having to cover the mouth

4. Method of Application

  1. Clean water on the surface of teeth after brushing with clean tissue or towel.
  2. Open the lid and softly turn the dial on the bottom of the container clockwise.
  3. If the gel starts to come out, apply evenly on every nooks and corners of the part that you want the whitening by turning.
  4. Open the mouth lightly for 2 minutes not for your teeth to touch the lips.
  5. Do not intake water or food after 2 minutes and rinse with water after 30 min.
  6. Clean the tip of the container after use and keep the tip upward.